Our Story

Our story begins after we got married and began trying to start a family. After a year of trying, we realized that this wasn’t going to come easy for us. We both already had demanding jobs, and we believe the infertility struggles were partially due the stress of our daily lives. The inability to conceive a child was devastating and we knew things had to change. 

After this realization, we sought the help of a fertility specialist. We had many failed rounds of treatment, but eventually we were able to conceive our oldest daughter. Conceiving her was physically, emotionally, and financially taxing, but we are so grateful to have her. Ironically, after years of failing to conceive our first, we were then able to conceive our other two daughters naturally. We felt as if our family was complete, but we often felt that we weren’t able to spend enough time together. Our dream became to find a way to be financially independent from the corporate world, spend more time with our three girls, and help other families experiencing infertility challenges.

In early 2022, we jumped off a ledge and bought a commercial embroidery machine, in order to make our dream a reality. We spread the love of kids and loved ones by creating wearable memories and forever keepsakes out of artwork, handwriting, doodles, and more. This business has blessed us with the ability to spend more time with our family, and afforded us the ability to give back to the community through a partnership with The Hope for Fertility Foundation. 

The Hope for Fertility Foundation gives grants to families struggling to conceive in order to help cover some of the high expenses of infertility treatment. We donate 5 percent of our total profit to Hope for Fertility, and every purchase you make helps couples get so much closer to realizing their dreams of starting a family of their own. We encourage you to visit their website at: www.hopeforfertility.org.

Love and thanks,

The Bowman Family